Sailing on a Shoestring – Stuff!!! wtf is a Fishy Sea Curtain????

Although i have been living on and off the boat for 2 years, I have buried STUFF in storage……. because i haven’t lived in a house , i didn’t have the usual clutter of fridges, washing machines, white goods and big furniture! But it was still a traumatic task to unburden myself of stuff ,so as to go sailing and travelling much lighter.

Happy Kombucha

Happy Kombucha – Brewing on a Boat

Happy Kombucha – Brewing on a Boat – Mish shows us how she brews Kombucha on board our yacht. Kombucha is a healthy drink brewed using tea and a mother “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast” (SCOBY) it helps keep your gut bacteria healthy and balanced and is a great health tonic. If you would like more info on Kombucha go chat with the lovely people at