Sailing on a Shoestring – Stuff!!! wtf is a Fishy Sea Curtain????

Although i have been living on and off the boat for 2 years, I have buried STUFF in storage……. because i haven’t lived in a house , i didn’t have the usual clutter of fridges, washing machines, white goods and big furniture! But it was still a traumatic task to unburden myself of stuff ,so as to go sailing and travelling much lighter.


Violent Storm 11 Imminent……..

Slowly rocking, back and forth, back and forth, wind howling, rain pouring, ropes clacking, and crashing against masts. sudden jerks of movement, stopped with a quick tug on the cleat pulling on the ropes keeping us held to the mooring. its getting stronger, the wind, its blowing through the sheets , the rigging a singing a soulful song through the masts of other boats moored to the pontoon .waiting in anticipation, because tonight into the early hours Angus to going to hit at full force ten ! Soon we will be rocking, bucking, tossing and holding on as we get swirled around in 80 mph winds ! …………just saying !