New Years Resolution

This was my New Years Resolution 1 January 2015 ·

New Years Resolution – To sell every thing I own and spend all my time energy and money restoring a boat and then sailing her down the French Canals to the Med and beyond. Every thing is for sale that is not useful in our new adventure and I will be listing it all very soon on here and on ebay. Even the land at Gwynfe the Hobbit House and our studio will all be for sale along with all our dungeon equipment and all the non mobile photo equipment. We will be documenting all our travels with photos, videos and a blog. I would like to say this is not a mid life crisis but a flo through my second Saturn Return, I am now Mature enough to know exactly what makes me happy and what doesn’t. Happy New Year to you all xxx

Well it took longer than I expected but feel I have finally got somewhere with this….. Plans have changed a bit but they were never plans, more like guide lines.

I have sold most of the stuff I dont need, I have sold my Smallholding in Wales. Instead or restoring my old boat I have bought myself a much bigger Prout Snowgoose.

As for the French Canals down to the Med……. World Politics changed my mind on that route, plus the bigger Catamaran will not fit in the locks but I do now have a boat that I feel safe to sail anywhere in the world, so whats next????